Great game especially when the world cup was going on in the world and Brazil almost made it.

User Rating: 8.8 | FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup X360
This game was amazing i never played it online though becase i was playing against my cousins alot and whipping thier butts. But it was still exciting and it made me learn to play the game even better so i can play in the world cup. I loved the game it was fun and exciting. The graphics was freaking crazy cool and the gameplay for a soccer game amazing and the sound made me feel like i was there. The commentators talked like real people they stuttered laugh and never really repeated the same thing twice that much. To sum it all up he game was cool depending on how you setup your game room. You have to have big screen HDTV (plasma) and surround sound all around you and a nice cumfy char to seat to sit in.