It really is quite the experience even if you're not into soccer.

User Rating: 8.8 | FIFA Soccer 06 GC
Do you like soccer? It doesn't matter if you hate soccer, you will like this game! It's high quality of addictivness will keep you going for hours, even if you hate soccer. In Fifa you can play expedition games with all your favorite club teams, along with national teams, including all your favortie players. You can customize fields times, games everyhting. You can play mini tournaments, as well as unlock great historical players for good acomplishments!

The graphics are near perfection, and the gameplay almost couldn't be better. The sound is like you are in the game, and the value, is everyone must have this game. The angle is like it is when you watch tV, so if someone was playing this, you might think for a second that it was a game on TV. That's how well the graphics work with the game's angles. You may also change the agnles if you please. If you go into overtime, you have a choice of extra time, or penalty kicks, whihc is definitely one of the major highlights of the game.

This is definitely one of the best sports games to come, and you really never do get board of it. Many other features are included as well as the ones stated. Great music is also played throughout this game (not while playing, main menu, etc.). But this game is definitely a must have, no doubt, and it really isn't all that expensive, even thought it's worth it. I mean, its so exciting, and when you score, the crowd goes wild and the players, and everything. It really is quite the experience even if you're not into soccer.