Fifa 06 is and will remain the best fifa version on the PS2.

User Rating: 9 | FIFA Soccer 06 PS2
- Superb presentation
- Awesome soundtrack
- Looks and plays greatly
- Lots of challenges, modes and unlockables

- Minor problems
- Sometimes AI is weak

Even though we are in 2009, the PS2 versions of Fifa aren't up to standard of what has gone before for this franchise. 06 is still the best game of the series on the PS2. While Fifa has gone sky-high on next-gen platforms, it has become a really problematic game on the PS2, but Fifa 06 and 07 remain great, but to be fair Fifa 06 is still the best version to date.

This is the first time the Manager Mode makes appearance. In this mode you choose a team and be the manager, make transfers changes and others. The Lounge Mode lets you choose some teams and play against friends. Challenges add up nicely, and they include cups from major leagues and other challenges to test your skills. Unlocking stuff from the fan shop but getting points from challenges is good. One can get 3rd kits, the Classic Team which includes many soccer legends and many other things.

The soundtrack is the best I've heard in any EA game. Soundtracks feature different languages and one can turn off some. Commentary is very good, but it comes a little repetitive over time. Crowd doesn't look great but it does its part.

Creating a player is great due to first-class presentation. The 'atmosphere' is right, and the menus are slick and very easy to navigate. Created players don't look awesome though but they are passable at best. You can add players; make transfers and others to keep teams up-to-date.

It may be great but it has got some problems. The AI is occasionally weak and at other times cheap and frustrating. The difficulties are sure to content everyone. Some minor slowdowns and frame rate hitches but rarely. I'm not sure about glitches.

Undoubtedly it is the best Fifa ever released on the PS2. Fifa 07 has some improvements but it doesn't look nearly as good as this. If you have a PS2 and don't own any Fifa game, Fifa 06 is the one you should choose. Although obviously it is dated by today standards, but the high quality graphics, soundtrack and gameplay are the best in the franchise.


Graphics = 8.9
Player models look great and the stadiums look same as great. Best looking Fifa.

Music = 9.3
Amazing soundtrack. Great commentary and sound effects.

Presentation = 8.7
Superbly presented, from the menus to the production values.

Gameplay = 8.7
Plays fast; a ton of teams, players and modes, challenges and unlockables.

Modes = 8.8
Manager Mode's debut, normal matches and Lounge are enough to keep you for a while.

Stability = 8.1
Some minor slowdowns and weak AI. But no bugs or long load times

Difficulty = 4 to choose
Amateur, Semi-Pro, Professional and World Class.

Overall = 8.8 / 10
06 remains the best Fifa version on the PS2 to date. The next Fifa games all have problems, and recycled content and modes. You should own Fifa if you slightly like soccer and if you're consider yourself a big soccer fan, 06 is a must try out.