a fair soccer game..ish..

User Rating: 7 | FIFA Soccer 06 PS2
Ea games cannot stop making sport games and with all these brand names..
but any way fifa 06 is a soccer game that lets u select and can change which ever player u want to.
u can choose to play with a huge selection of world cup teams like argentina and norway.
i recon that a game like this would do well if its first person and make it seem like ur the acturl player..that'll be cool!
so now i will rate it for the good..and the bad..
-its fast
-not like the last 1
-a long term challenge
-its hard and challenging
-its not a huge advance
-like pro evo
there u hav it!!!!..
a review for fifa 06..so i think now i must get up 2 date and play fifa 08!!!..soon!..