Can't get enough of this game.

User Rating: 9.1 | FIFA 06 DS
Fifa 06 for the Nintendo DS is the best sport game i played on the DS. i play it evry time i get the chance to. it is a game that doesn't get boring, i have this game for over six months now and play it almost every day.

GAMEPLAY- Fifa 06 is the the best sports game i play so far on a handheld. fifa 06 manage to use the touch screen very well.the game have ton of contents, modes in the game are career, play now, season, create your own team, season and etc. career mode is my favorite mode because it gives you total control of a team. you can be the manger of any famous club team from around the world. in create a team mode you get the chance to custom make your team chrest. the team you make also can use in most of the mode.

GRAPHIC- Fifa 06 for the Ds really good on Ds, i was stunned by how smooth it looks on the DS. it is the best looking sports game i play on the DS so far. fifa 06 for the DS looks like fifa 06 2001 for the PC, some people may like how this game look and some might hate how it looks.

SOUND- The sound in fifa 06 isn't great, its kind OK. it have about five license favorite one is "Well come to JamRoc" by Damian "Junior Gang" Marley. The commentary is also go, the are a few chants in the game, the crowds make noise and cheer.

LASTING- As i said before i have this game for over six months now and i play almost everyday. if you love soccer or like to play soccer games, this game have enough content to keep you hook for a month or more.

BY far fifa 06 is the best sports game i play for the DS. well done EA, you finall did something right. if you like playing sports games or a soccer fan and you own a DS. then i suggest go out there an get Fifa 06, even if your not a soccer fan or you never play a soccer game before; go out there an get it.