Catch no ball (DOUBLE TAKE)

User Rating: 7.5 | FIFA Soccer 06 PS2
to me, very frankly, fifa 06 doesn't deserve a 9.0. prob around 7 -7.5 and that's being quite nice. it's a very mediocre game.. it lacks many somponents and lacks lustre.. it was a disappointment as i got to go in depth into the game. the deeper in you go and uncover more of the game's modes and features. the more you'd be disappointed. the goal celebrations are very limited.. no variations. stiff and routine. you roughly know what's comin in the game and when. the graphics are pretty good.. but not very fantastic. frame rate gets choppy at points especially when there're vast team forward rushes toward goal with defenders diving for the ball.. the game really has nothing much. manager mode is pretty good but could have much more realism and diversity which i believe fifa 07 brings and puts 06 very very much to shame. amidst fifa 06's down-side, lies some good. the 2-player mode is as usual packed with fun.. nothin like a good versus with a pal or serious fifa expert rival. i had good game time and fun with my buddies. taht's very much the only time i engage in it. the cheers and chanting of the teams brings a great atmosphere into the game and essence to the league and cup matches. i really appreciated that component as it brought a sense of warmth and spirit ti fight on when you're down by a goal.. but that feature still isn't really enough to award this game a great title.. Cheers