Good first footy game for DS

User Rating: 7.3 | FIFA 06 DS
Its what you would expect from the first of its kind on a new console. The graphics dont suck, actually there pretty good. The sound is good and the gameplay at most times is good. 1 of the best features is the 1 kart multiplayer, which allows you to plat anyone one even if they dont have the game. A few problems with the game is that your players just get tired o so quickly after 1 or 2 runs your guy struggles to run. Also for some reason theres a great tendency to hit the post, 4/10 shots will wack the post and the goalie will just pick it up, on the subject of goalies they seem to have invisble helpers which magicly pass the ball to them.
Overall the game does well for the DS, but i think you should wait for winning 11.