FIFA 06 is another soccer sim released by EA which is worth of the FIFA title.

User Rating: 8.5 | FIFA Soccer 06 PC
This year's version of FIFA is another good soccer sim to enjoy for long, but some mistakes or minor problems keep it a bit away from perfect.

Luckily, many improvements are made sice the 2005 game.
Some gameplay problems which existed in FIFA 2005 are greatly fixed. The gameplay now seems even more realistic, and it is more accesible, a feature which FIFA 2005 was competely lacking.

The manager mode has also changed completely, now being easier to use, with more options when setting up your team.

Another positive thing about FIFA 06 is the graphics and sound it provides. The graphics are brand new offering a complete experience on the pitch, while commentary and the crowd sounds are a real masterpiece.

Unfortunately, FIFA 06 is lacking sometimes AI, especially in critical phases of the game. For example, most times the GKs seem to be lone as the don't really move when you get near to the post.

It is also a pity that the online mode is not that acessible, confusing the players, till they quit trying to sign-up.

In fact, FIFA 06 is a game which will delight the users who like high graphics and fast-paced games, but it may also annoy the ones who are looking at every little detail.

And before I forget it, the videos included are really nice.