Fun, Creative, and Charming

User Rating: 9 | Fez PS4

Puzzle solving and platforming make a great combo. Fez combines these things in a way that has to be seen. Fez is a fun, straightforward experience that should not be missed if you have the slightest interest in puzzle solving games.

While playing Fez, you travel to various worlds you must explore to gather various cube pieces. Once you have enough, you create a larger cube and those cubes open doors to other worlds, opening your quest fufther. Throughout the game, you stumble upon various puzzles that require critical thinking to complete. Mainly because the clues you receive are so vague. This is part of the appeal to me, as once the method of solving it is identified, you find yourself grabbing a pen and paper or some sort of medium to write down a pattern for easier reading. Once you have successfully solved a puzzle, you gain a tangible sense of accomplishment. It can be troubling at times, when you have absolutely no clue on how to solve a problem however.

The platforming aspect is very straightforward jumping to and from various ledges, floating blocks, and the like to gain ground and reach a door, a treasure, or any of the various collectables. Fez takes this to another level, though. You are able to shift your line of sight using the trigger buttons and make objects closer and easier to jump to. This is Fez's basic mechanic and what separates it from other platformers. It's a very clever and simple idea that is a fine example of what makes Fez so much fun and so refreshing. Outside of the puzzles, you won't find much challenge. There are no enemies, no bosses, and when you die from a long plummet, you simply respawn from the area you last safely stood. It is this aspect of the game that never steers you away in frustration and keeps you hooked as you try to figure out a way to reach a ledge or a collectable just out of reach.

Fez is a lot of fun and offers some excellent puzzles built from some concepts that really get you thinking. It's an experience that has a very basic foundation, but manages to build a strong game out of that which seems so simple.