How do I aquire the joypad cheat codes?

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Hello, i made a post a number of days ago regarding not being able to progress with the game due to me not having certain cheat codes. I have not got any reply whatsoever, so i thought ide try again to ask for advice. I have a significant amount of the game still to play but cannot progress without knowing some cheat codes that i see everybody using. secondly i dont have a joy pad since im playing on pc. As an example, i realize i need to somehow lower the water to access doors and other things, I see everybody seems to use cheat codes to do this however ive have no idea where to start to acquire these codes? I went onto the steam website and also game dev webpage and cant see any option to buy or acquire theses cheat codes.. im really not sure what on earth I am meant to do here. can someone please help explain how this cheat code system works, and is it possible to progress in the game without a joypad, or even using these cheat codes. for example as mentioned above i need to lower the water or something and apparently there is some cheat code that will do it.. Is there any alternate way of progressing with the game without having to acquire cheat codes?.. are there a list of these cheat codes online, and is it possible to input the cheats using a keyboard. I would really like someone to help or perhaps point me in the right direction of where I can get these codes or suitable help with the system the game uses. thanks in advance
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They're not really cheat codes because the game provides the codes itself, generally in the very spot you need to use them. You just need to decipher those codes and how to input them. There is a place in-game where you can figure out those inputs for yourself.

And yes, I'm being intentionally cryptic because self discovery is the most rewarding aspect of Fez.