Confused and VERY VERY angry at cheat code system to finnish game

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hi guys.. im having great difficulty understanding how the game works.. im at about 68% and i have a TON of areas i simply cant access. Now after extensive searching on the internet i see that there are joypad codes to put in. I am extremely angry with this.. so let me get this straight this game is only completable if you happen to know these secret joy pad codes. 2ndly i have the pc version of the game, so how the hell am i meant to put joypad codes in.. not only that but where the hell do people get these codes from, do they make them up? did the developer state these cheat codes?.. i dont understand how is impossible to complete a game without knowing these cheat codes. I just cant fathom this at all. Is that even legal? to sell a product that is essentially in-complete because you need special secret cheats to put into that only the dev would know or other people who are prepared to stand around at certain points endlessly trying a potentially infinite of button combinations.. and also what the hell are pc users meant to do?.. so not only do pc users somehow have to pay or mail the dev to find out these stupid cheat codes in order to progress in the game but we have to know go out and buy a f**king joypad just to put these stupid cheat codes in just to play the dam game. what on earth was the game company thinking? i have NEVER EVER seen these "pay for codes to progress" in a fully payed game i would half understand if fez was a free to play game system, but this is a evil joke.. i saved up for a while for this game and waited years for it to come to pc... now i cant finish the game without knowing cheat codes that only the dev could possibly know for sure and have to fork out money for a joypad just to be able to put these stupid codes into the game so i can FINNISH the game. its like buying a new car.. and the car was advertized that it could drive 100 miles to the gallon. you pay money to get the car.. put a gallon of gas into it. .drive it 60miles and then get a indicator on the dashboard stating "sorry you cant drive the last 40miles without special codes that only the car manufacturer would know. I mean what the hell is going on here? i payed money for a product i cant complete because im not fortunate enough to know these secrete codes that only a tiny minority seem to know.. ( i assume they had to pay to get access to the codes or it was leaked by the game dev team).. i am extremely angry and very disappointed with this stupid bizarre system. I am extremely livid, frustrated, disappointed and i feel let down and cheated by the game developer. its such a shame since i was really enjoying it.. but no matter how much i was enjoying this game I will not be cornered into paying to access cheat codes or sending begging emails to the game development company to disclose theses cheat codes. very very disappointing regards