Fate is a great game for people who like adventure games, it has plenty of great things to keep you busy on it.

User Rating: 8.5 | FATE PC
Fate is a great game to play if your looking for adventure games, it has almost endless levels of dungeons and, you can build up your fame by doing quests for people, the quests are also very nice, what I also love about this game is the endless types of weapons and Armour, the graphics are also a great thing in this game, it's pretty realistic, monsters could be small, big, gigantic, and challenging. What they could have done better on this game is the camera settings and movement to adjust the camera the way you want it. There is also lots of action in Fate, there is lots of magic you can make, you can also summon other creatures to help you out in the dungeon, your pet can also help you out, you can feed it fish to grow into another creature which will make it smaller, some fish can make your pet permanently a type of creature which is petty cool. Another thing I love about this game is the enchantments on the weapons, extra bonuses on the weapon to assist you in battle.
Fate is a great game to play, pick up a copy now, you wont be disappointed.