Te game is definatly a good game its just....missing something that other games in the genra have.

User Rating: 8 | FATE PC
I was going to write a huge review comparing this game to the Diablo series and other hack and slash games in the genra. I know that anyone that is a gamer has already made the comparisons themselves, i dont need to do that, but i can tell you what the game is missing.

The game has a childish theme to it. The graphics arent bad but they're not dark like in diablo, or darkstone. The game also lacks in an outside enviornment. The coolest feature i think the game has is that when you die you get to make three choices of how to be resurected, you can take a experiance hit and revive where you feel, you can take a temporary gold hit and be revived where you feel, or you can be revived back in town and have to go back to where you were slain to pick up your gold.

I think the game is good enough to play but its a lot like a gateway drug if you liked it then move on to the better, stronger stuff like D2 or the soon to be diablo 3 :P