at first it looks like an interesting game,diablo in 3d but after playing it ...its farrrrrrrrrr from being a diablo.

User Rating: 6.5 | FATE PC
the goods :
- 3d -good graphics
-easy interface
-not sophisticated the bad :
-non interesting quest
-same atmosphere

at the end , i liked playing it at first ...and i was very interested but the deeper i went in dungeon the more i felt i'm doing nothing !! no interesting quest to go for , just kill and move and sell ur times and by new items...
noting also that at the end , after killing one gargoyle they offer you to retire and i thought the game ended...than to know that the final both is still not killed!!!
they said its diablo in 3d but i guess its very far from being a diablo, there is no story like diablo...u don't feel the fear from the creatures as in diablo...
its something for passing time if u don't have nothing to do ;)

i'm playing now FATE undiscovered realms...they story seem to be interesting ...hope the play will be too .