great play, takes a while, really huge item variety and a challenging level of play make it great

User Rating: 8.5 | FATE PC
It has a great feel and an interface that grows on you. the item varieties aren't just broken down by type and composition, its broken down by type, style, composition, quality, magical properties and color. you will be hard pressed to discover every weapon in the game and the magical qualities vary greatly from item to item. the gameplay was quite challenging and it took a while to get through without dying, my only wish/complaint is that all the quests and gameplay are limited to the dungeon and the single town above, i think they could really have revolutionized PC RPGs by making an entire world with quests above ground too, then it would have had an unprecedented depth to the game. in any case there isn't much to complain of considering the developer and the fact that it runs on the Wildtangent platform, rather the opposite, it has stunning graphics and animations considering. this would be on my list of all-time underrated video games.