Simple single-player RPG game that would probably suit beginners better.

User Rating: 8.5 | FATE PC
I commonly divide the Role Playing Games class into three categories: Cute cartoon, Teen, and rated-M morbid. Fate would reside somewhere between the first two categories. At first sight, you could see a little short cartoony guy running around with this little dog pet. Obviously cute and childish right? Hm, in a way, but not entirely. This is a simple single-player RPG to play, and better for those who are not die-hard role players.
The baseline story of Fate is quite simple and also quite cliché: a dark evil something has taken over a town, and conveniently he lies on the bottom of a dark dungeon filled with treasure and riches. The goal of the game is to progress to the furthest level of the game to defeat him; however, there are many small quests you can complete in between to gain experience, fame, and items. As you move your way through the game there are also shrines that you can test your luck on: it can either give you a valuable item, raise your stats, or it can lower your stats or summon a boss monster.
Your pet has its own inventory where you can put items that you can't carry anymore. This is one part that I like. The pet is easy to control, and if you are busy fighting, you can send your pet back to town to sell all the items it isn't wearing. You can also feed it fish, which can transform it into one of the various monsters in the game (it still fights for you) but with a big boost in stats.
In comparison to Flyff (free cute style MMORPG) the monsters in Fate are a little more threatening, but not overpowering. This makes it better for single player play. The interface is easy to use, pets are easy to control, and the skills/stats system isn't hard to figure out. It's just a good game to ease you into the RPG world. There is no multiplayer option, which personally I believe to be pretty important in a RPG, but it's still fun.
Another thing I like is that you can make your character into whatever "class you want." As long as you meet the requirements to wield a certain item, you can. However, I wouldn't suggest making a character evenly distributed in talents, because you will be pretty weak in the long run. Pick something you like and make your character strong in that area.
The main problem with Fate is that it gets boring pretty quickly. After a while, you find yourself repeating the same actions over and over, fighting countless monsters, completing the same kind of quests over and over, finding items and defeating random bosses on random levels. There is only one town, and by the fifth time you go back you can practically walk it with your eyes closed. There are NPC who are stores, and then there are those who just walk around aimlessly until they have a quest for you to do. There are 40-something levels to the great dungeon that lies underneath the town, and those get old easily too. You basically can't fight monsters and see sunlight at the same time. Each level of the dungeon is basically like a maze, and the areas you have explored show up on your map. It can actually get pretty nasty – because the layout is random, sometimes you'll find yourself traveling for 5 minutes exploring, only to find a dead end, meaning you have to run all the way back to find more monsters. Each level is modeled after something: a prison, an empty building (quite a large one), a cave, or a lava cave. That's it basically. Every time it goes down the levels have slightly different layouts and looks, but it's all just the same.
After you get to level 10, moving up more levels seems impossible. Each monster will provide maybe 100 experience points, when you may have 100,000 more to go. It gets to be a grind sometimes. This gets super frustrating when you visit a learning shrine and it turns on you and lowers a stat by a few points, which means you have to fight forever to gain those points back. The main way you get experience points is by completing quests. This gets to be a problem, because soon you will be fighting monsters that are a higher level than you are.
Despite all that, the graphics and sounds are pretty cool. There are a variety of items to choose from, and if you don't get tired of repeating your actions, you may be able to enjoy collecting items and testing them out.
The last point I want to address is the observation that this game is like Diablo. This game is NOT Diablo. It definitely is modeled after the award-winning RPG – it's a hack-and-slash game, and even some of the sound effects are the same. However, if you have played any of the Diablo series and are considering this game based on the assumption that it will be similar, you will be very disappointed. The two games are from entirely different worlds, despite the attempt on Fate to emulate Diablo.
Overall, I would recommend this game only to those aren't entirely familiar with RPG games, or those that just want a simple, single player experience that won't take its toll on the computer technically. If you are familiar with RPG games, however, you'll probably be disappointed and get tired of this game pretty quickly.