Just pure randomness!

User Rating: 7 | FATE PC
If there would be another name for FATE, that would be Random Diablo 3D. This game resumes itself in pure click-'n'-slash action, and borrows a LOT of features presented in the Blizzard's dungeon crawler game. Character stats, names of the weapons and of the magical properties that imbue them, the companion system, random generated maps, weapons classes, all this fully inspired (to not say copied) from the Diablo franchise. The few things that FATE managed to be fairly original are the 3D cartoonish graphics, the fully customizable character skills and class, and the way too random nature of your items. For example, robes are the natural armors for heavy magic dependent classes, but a little too frequently their properties matches of a tank warrior's armor. Or weapon. No kidding! A "Magician" robe with increased weapon damage and plus points to fighting skills. No sense at all.

Even the quests are random, there's no plot or remarkable characters, just the same shop keepers/healers/quest givers in the same town. The gameplay, as time passes by, tends to be repetitive: hack'n'slash your way through the dungeon, make quest, get back to town, get rewards, sell unwanted items, get new quests and get back to the dungeon's next level. Even the final quest is the same. If you want to keep going, the game can turn into an infinite repetitive task. If not, you can retire, leaving one of your items to an heir, which gets substantial improves on its stats, but that's it. And your heir have to start all over again.

On the technical side, the sound is all right, nothing that stands for. The music is coherent to the game style, although it stops too often for no reason. I'd experienced some crashs and freezes (that required reboots), but nothing to fear, specially for that progress after a couple of hours of gameplay, the game auto-saves every time you change levels or go back to the town.

Resuming, FATE is a fun click'n'slash dungeon crawler with cute graphics and some obsession for random numbers and events. It is a good casual game, but don't take it too serious, ot it will rend you frustrated.