Kiddy, but thats a disguise for whats truely a great game.

User Rating: 8 | FATE PC
Fate is a Dungeon-RPG that follows the rules and style of its predecessor's. You start out as an unknown wanderer who comes across the town of Grove. You quickly realize the main goal of the game, which is to kill a powerful monster that dwells on one of the lower levels of the dungeon. On your journey you are accompanied by you loyal companion, a dog or a cat(Your choice). Your pet attacks your enemies, carries items, and cannot die(He will "flee" if his health is depleted though). As you journey down deeper, you will find more monsters, more weapons, more armor/equipment, more spells, and you will level up. When you finally achieve your main goal, you have the choice to retire. What happens is that your character has 1 item that he/she can pass on to a future descendant. You are pretty much starting a new game, but you get the help of the item that was passed down. This game doesn't really change the formula, but it does a great job of retaining this genre in its originality. The visuals are basic, but sharp and pleasant to look at. The audio is just fighting sound effects, ambient noises, and the soundtrack. Its not bad, but it could have been better and have some more variety. The controls are simple, and easy to remember. There is little to no story which is a slight dissapointment. The replay value is very high since you can choose to "retire". Overall, I thought that it wan an enjoyable game that you can sit down with for a few hours. I bought this game for $10, and I feel that it was well worth it.