Something great to hold us over for Diablo 3 :)

User Rating: 9.5 | FATE PC
Although many may see this game as some cheap knock off of Diablo (which in some sense it is), it really brings some cool aspects and differences. And although there are many dedicated fans to Diablo (such as I), there is no reason not to accept FATE.

FATE combines all the aspects of Diablo and brings them to a more pleasant, or childish world. The game seems to be based for younger audiences, although it really can be liked by all ages. Although the characters, the maps, the storyline, and the graphics all seem a little more cartoon-esque, it really is a gripping game.

The graphics for this game are quite amazing for being such a small game. Although a lot of the buildings, the dungeons, characters, and monsters may not be realistically based, or may just not look the most realistic... they are in fact quite well designed, shaded, etc. Also, the soundtrack isn't to repetitive or overly annoying.

One of the greatest things about this game is that it's simple. But it's not boringly simple. It is fun, and can be very... VERY addictive. The gameplay is great and has many improvements compared to Diablo (such as holding ALT to find items and STILL being able to attack, verses just walking around being attacked)

This game is a great example of the expressions 'Don't judge a book by it's cover'. Although I have not played this game for any excess amount of time, I am planning to buying it and logging a lot of hours :)

I highly recommend this game to anyone of any age. Many may find that it is quite enjoyable for everyone. And like I mentioned before... is just something to hold us over for Diablo 3