It's Diablo 1, but better.

User Rating: 8 | FATE PC
Fate gets a lot of gruff because many people malign it for being a Diablo clone. To be fair, it is a Diablo clone, but it's a Diablo clone done right.

To those that haven't played any offering in the Diablo franchise, Fate is an isometric item-centric action RPG. Basically, this means that the whole point of the game is use the items found in the dungeon to acquire bigger and badder items and kill bigger and badder enemies.

To those who have played the Diablo Franchise and want to know why Fate is worth a shot, here are a couple of the changes and / or improvements made to the original.

Most importantly is the item system. There are 4 types of weapons - plain, magical, unique, and legendary. In Diablo Parlance, these boil down to white, blue, yellow and gold. None of this is new, but one of the greatest improvements is the ability to use your gold to "gamble up" your weapon or armor of choice. Through time and investment, you can turn your plain old white item into a fully socketed weapon with 10's of mods attached to it. Granted, there is also a downside - like the original Diablo, there exist negative mods and gambling has a small chance to remove all the mods you had invested in the first place.

The side-quest system is also different from the original Diablo. This time around, quests are never-ending. As soon as you complete one quest, you can return to town and get another; with the ability to run 3 simultaneously. Quests are always assigned to a dungeon level at least 1 floor lower than your deepest incursion, so they tend to keep you moving forward. They are also worth keeping active because they are a great way to get supplementary experience and money.

The character design system is very similar to the original Diablo as well, the only difference being there are no preset classes. You are either a boy or a girl - the only difference between the two being completely cosmetic. Your build is determined entirely by how you distribute skill points. If you want to be a mage, you simply put points into attack magic, if you want to be a fighter, you put points into your weapon of choice. If you want to be a bit of both, that isn't a problem. All items and spells are available to everyone, assuming you meet the basic attribute requirement to equip them.

Finally, is the concept of having a pet. Pets are little sidekicks that help your character fight and can be sent to town to sell all your loot. While in its basic form, your pet is more of a pack mule than a useful combat buddy. However, by fishing or purchase, you will acquire items that can morph your pet into some of the monsters that you find during your travels. While under the transformative spell, your pet can become a useful ally during your travels.

All in all, Fate is a fun little game that is good for at least 15-20 of game play to get through your first play through - and replayability is enhanced with the concept of heritage weapons. Every time you complete a play through, you are given the option of moving 1 item forward, with all its attributes enhanced 25%.