Too much like Diablo

User Rating: 7 | FATE PC
Good Things:

Bad Things:
It's way too similar to Diablo 2. After playing for about 10 minutes, I realized that it's gameplay was just like Diablo. Now if you never played Diablo 2 before, you won't understand. But in my terms, Diablo 2 is much better than Fate. Diablo 2 contains more monsters, quests, places, items, classes, and unique attacks for each class. It seems like Diablo is an advanced version of Fate. You can also play Multiplayer + Single player on Diablo 2.

In the End:
I wouldn't suggest Fate, but I wouldn't not suggest Fate. Only because the fact; why would you buy Fable. When you could buy Diablo? But Fate does have a few features more than Diablo. In Fate you can fish, Diablo you can not. Fate is also easier then Diablo, so Fate would be better for newcomers for gaming.