Huge content,small hdd space,250 mb?

User Rating: 9 | FATE PC
Usually low-budget games are disastrous but this little game prove us the contrary.Yes It copy a lot of features and stuff from Diablo 2 but who cares?The graphics are so amazing that you'll forget he is just a tiny but solid game
You start as a child followed by your pet(cat or dog) with the hope that you can be rich and wealthy but you finally figure out another thing.......but I don't want to steal the charm of discovering the storyline so there's no need to talk about it anymore(by the way it is great).From the first moment you'll notice beautiful town and It's surrounds although you feel very weak to go in the dungeon with only a hatchet(I strongly recommend to buy a fishing pole because you'll make huge amounts of money) but after your first trip in the dungeon you'll find that is not so hard to beat the monsters there but not so easy to go without a good armor or a good weapon into the depths of the dungeon.
What is bad about this game is that the whole game focus only on two places:Dungeon and Town there's no other place in the game.What keep the game from being boring are the random quests and dungeon levels,What I mean is when you start a new game there will be not identically quests they will be randomly generated even if the quests are based on this scheme:Go dungeon-bring item-reward or go dungeon-kill monster-retrieve weapons which make the game quite boring but when you first play you can't leave the game is so charming,it have something that the other RPG-s don't have and offer.
The Items are spectacular,each with it's own look and it's unique powers and I forgot to say that it features a lake where you can go fishing and why not catching a fish with an expensive item there are so Weapons,armors...oh and spells,the spells are great fun you can combine it to obtain disastrous damage and so on you can have even a teleportation spell that can be a substitute for the town portal scrolls or identify scrolls.
You also have a quite big skill tree to upgrade with so many skills like Sword fighting skill or charm magic,offensive magic,club and so on.
The enemy AI is not so good you have expected from a RPG like the enemies will simply run to you and fight until the die unlike the pet AI which is very good,for an example when your pet run out of life he will start to flee and save himself form being killed,brilliant no?
The ending it's just amazing:after you beat the final boss you'll choose a descendant and give a special item and unique powers but what RPG thought about this brilliant feature,trust me no one.Wild Tanget just show us that there's no need to fuss about how good the game will be and the complexity,and simply is one of the best rpg-s even if it is a rip-off after diablo,don't waste your time,play this game!