A good alternative to World of Warcraft.

User Rating: 7 | FATE PC

I'm a big fan of RPGs and this certainly didn't disappoint. It's no Dragon Quest, but it's a nice little game that can get quite addictive over time.

FATE has basic aspects such as creating your character, setting the difficulty, stuff that RPG nerds will know. Creating your character isn't as advanced as I'd hoped for. No in depth facial editing or age changing, just bog standard features. Your hero is about a foot tall, and looks like his jaw is permanently locked into his face. Shame you can't edit this. You start in a village, and you have the freedom to do what ever you want. Explore, sell things, mess around, what ever you want to do, there are no annoying barriers to stop you. This is a dungeon crawler type of RPG, so most of the fighting is done in caves and dungeons.

There's a decent range of weapons, such as swords, axes, shields, maces, bows, spells, and more. They all feel satisfying to use, and they deal a good amount of damage to enemies. Speaking of enemies, there's a nice variety of them. You get basic ones such as slimes and orcs, but they get more detailed such as bats and dragons. Graphics look fine for a PC game. Considering that it's quite old, they've done a pretty good job with how things look. Some textures do look a bit iffy, but for the most part they're ok. I found equipping and selling items to be quite annoying and clunky. You bring up a menu to get the item, then press a few buttons at a time to actually sell it. Couldn't they of just added a sell button?

The control scheme is quite an odd choice, but it works nonetheless. You use your mouse to move, point where you want your hero to go and he'll go there. To attack, highlight an enemy and click on him. Your hero will automatically move to him and attack on sight. It's not just you that attacks however. You can choose a pet to come with you, either a dog or a cat. They don't really have any incredibly strong attacks but they're good for finishing off foes. Just like you, they can level up, but a lot slower than you do. When you die, you are greeted by the Grim Reaper, and he gives you two options. You can respawn from where you died, or spawn outside of the dungeon, for a price.

FATE is a fun hidden gem for the PC. While it does have some frustrating menus and dialog, look past that and you have an enjoyable adventure to look forward to.