A surprisingly good fighter, with a few small things that drag it down from perfect

User Rating: 8.5 | Fate/Unlimited Codes Portable PSP
If your're familiar with the Visual novel, you wont be greatly affected by the lack of story in arcade mode. But the anime, or a bit of Googling should give you some decent info on the characters

The fighting/gameplay is excellent. Although, I heard it's dumbed down from the PS2 and arcade versions, but the control scheme works great

Anyway, my list:

* The visuals/graphics/animations are crazy well done. Not God of war or Crisis Core, but that range of visuals wouldn't work well with an anime-ish series

* It's 3-d, limited, but works really well
* Contains a decent amount of moves, extremely easy to remember, all unique in their own way

* Fast-paced gameplay and combo friendly
* It's deep fighting system will keep you busy. I has taken me 1 month to get familiarized with every character's style, and I'm still only fairly decent with all of them (and I'm finally working on my main/s).

* The camera is awesome, and it works as it should. it Zooms in and out depending on the distance between both players, and it zooms in (really close) for specials and burst moves

* Unlockables. No game is complete without them. Whether it's (in this case) a game mode, extra playable characters, character art, bgm selection, system voices, or character models. I'm glad this game has em

* Really fast loading times. You shouldn't have to wait to play, and this game doesnt make you. If you need to grab a snack or take a piss, thats what the pause buttons is for. Plus the PSP has a standby mode. Loading times are quick, a couple seconds or three

* The bgm in the main menu is the best

* Slightly overpriced for a digital download, however, all digital PSP games on PSN are overpriced at the moment

* BGMs are ... okay i guess. Some made me go bleh. But im sure some people like them. I personally didn't.With the exception of the one in the main menu.

* Arcade mode lacks. story I'm not quite through the visual novel yet. In fact, i'm not even done with the fate route yet, but the game sure could've helped. It didn't. They should have just not included it and I would've disregarded it since i believe fighting games don't need a story, only likable characters with style. But, Guilty Gear did a good job with the story-telling in ACcent Core plus, Fate/UC didn't, so that drags its score down a bit

* Wow the backgrounds or stages/arenas, well... they suck. Theres 2 that are somewhat decent and the rest are dull

* The difficulty only gets hard on Hard and Ultimate, which makes sense i guess. But i still think that the CPU shouldn't just stand there and do nothing, even if it is on normal difficulty. Plus, you can still own your opponent on Hard

I can't comment on the ad-hoc multiplayer because i haven't tried it yet