The hardest anime fighter you'll ever come across.

User Rating: 8 | Fate/Unlimited Codes PS2
Fate/Unlimited Codes reminds my of a synthesis between Tekken, and the Guilty Gear series.

It's like Guilty Gear, in that the characters are able to pull off some extremely long combinations that have variety not only in every move's appearance, but in the damage dealt with every button input. It also reminds me of Guilty Gear in that the weak to strong attack button inputs are a bit choppy in terms of their "feel" to one another.
It's like Tekken in regards to how the characters move around the stage, and in how you'll have to memorize long and complex button and joystick inputs to achieve long and damaging combos. That's okay, since the character roster is low, taking long stretches of time to master just one of the characters many complex combos is what draws you into the game.

This game, because of the highly complex combinations you'll have to learn just to compete with the AI in the higher difficulty levels, makes it one of the hardest games you'll ever play. You will feel like your "only human" thumbs just weren't made to move with so much speed, while at the same time, trying to commit move inputs with the absolute precision demanded of them.

Unlimited Codes is the complete polarity of the complaints that are brought to anime based games by reviewers. Most reviewers claim that the anime fighters released in North America are too simple and shallow. This game, in contrast, if anything, is too deep and complex. If that can even be said for a fighting game.