Point and click adventure.. takes you back to 90's video adventure games but not very well.

User Rating: 6 | Fate By Numbers PC
What we have here is exactly what you think. An adventure game where you get to play as a detective in a futuristic world where a chip stuck in your body tells what your "Iq" is, and what job you can do or not.. pretty much if you are stupid.. or not. Just like in Futurama.

The acting is good sometimes.. sometimes you wanna kill the dude cause he makes everything very facial.. but in general nice to watch. Black and white though.. so it won't get THAT fancy given that it's the future.
You get a flying car.. and a flashy monitor that comes out of your desk.

You get to go over different places, like a bar, Department of Defence, houses of suspects, basically case related. And are very detailed as far as you can tell.. not that you can see much, shadows play an important role in the scene.

There is hacking computers, whether from your home PC or using a hacking device over the computer you wanna get into.. sending the data to your machine. There is also a tracking device you get to use. Other than that you can use photos with people to see if they recognize the things, people, etc. in it. And a cell phone with witch you can, as you might already know, call.

Given the kind of game it is, sometimes you don't go through all the interactive things in the scene. So for those who get lost or don't wanna waste time looking for them when there's something that shows you where they are, pressing the H button will highlight every interactive item.

You can save, load, or start a new game any time you want. As far as graphic options go.. you don't get any. Only audio and gamma correction.
Resolution is the one currently using.
And there's different endings, that have to do with decisions you make at the very end of the game.

Took me 2 hours to finish it.. but you can do it in way less. Given it's free.. if you like adventure, give it a try.

Not much else to say.

See ya