Reminds me of Blade Runner for PC.... But definetly not quite... at all!

User Rating: 4.9 | Fate By Numbers PC
This game definetly reminds me of Blade Runner, but does not come close to being as fun, well voice acted or any thing else. a neat little no-name production of point-and-click gameplay just like blade runner. Choose where to go and click on things and people to have actions occur. Little dings hint to you that your on the right track.
This is definetly an awesome production since this is not a big company, so definetly give kudos for a no-name company. But the acting is very mediocre and the graphics are definetly not great at all. There are no options to increase resolution or anything else for graphics for that matter. But was definetly worth playing. And since it's free... even better. Maybe their next game will be awesome... Never know.