A very difficult Wipeout-esque racer

User Rating: 7 | Fatal Inertia X360
Having played video games since I was very young, I have played a lot of them. However Fatal Inertia has got to be one of the most difficult I have ever played.

Lets start positively though. The game's visuals are fantastic and under-rated. It looks great in High-def; water effects are great, fire is okay and the vehicle models are great. After playing for I while I'm happy to say I encountered no frame rate issues. The game itself is very fun and ultimately addictive too.

However, there are some FATAL flaws. The first and most obvious flaw is the difficulty. Sure the first few races are pretty easy but as soon as you think you are getting good, you end up being destroyed 2 minutes into a Magnet Mayhem event. There's no restart option (even for restart event meaning you have to quit and re-load) which is a pain too. Furthermore the music is dull and repetitive and sound quality overall is mediocre.

If you are looking for a futuristic racing sim, get Wipeout or F Zero. If you are looking for one on the 360, rent Fatal Inertia or buy it cheap. You just might grow to like it.