Koei brings some futuristic racing love to the Xbox 360.

User Rating: 8 | Fatal Inertia X360
As a long time fan of the futuristic racing genre, I have been looking forward to Fatal Inertia since it was originally announced for the Playstation 3, that version has been delayed, but luckily Fatal Inertia has arrived on the Xbox 360 and the final product is in many ways better than I expected. Fatal Inertia features sharp graphics, nicely responsive controls and exciting and well designed tracks. Fatal Inertia stays pretty much true to the classic Futuristic racing formula first established by Wipeout over a decade ago. Fast, Floating Vehicles in visually impressive environments with a healthy dose of weapon pick ups. While Fatal Inertia does little to expand the conventions and boundries of the genre it does a great job with the basics. The Gameplay is more fun than frustrating. The environments are slick and sharp with some nice water and lighting effects to keep the eyes happy. The only real draw backs are a some what generic presentation ,a questionable weapon system,and some ho hum vehicle design but none of these issues do much to hamper the overall experience which is a solid and responsive high speed racer. If you like Wipout, Quantum Redshift or Extreme G games, you should probably give Fatal Inertia a try. Overall, its a nice addition to the catalog of futuristic racers.