Fatal Fury is more a tester for SNK to dive into the fighting game business.

User Rating: 6 | Garou Densetsu: Shukumei no Tatakai NEO
Game Title: Fatal Fury: The King of Fighters
Platform: NeoGeo/Wii Virtual Console
Developer: SNK
Publisher: D4 Enterprise/SNK Playmore
Genre: Fighting
Age Rating: PEGI: 12+
Release Date: 20th December 1991 (Japan and America on Neo Geo), 18th August 2007 (Japan on Wii VC), 5th October 2007 (Australia and Europe on Wii VC), 8th October 2007 (America on Wii VC)
Download Price: 900 Wii Points
Game Score: 6.0/10
Fatal Fury is more a tester for SNK to dive into the fighting game business.
SNK's first fighting game franchise that is Fatal Fury became released in arcades months after Capcom unleashed their legendary Fighting game beast that is Street Fighter II. This game was more a decent fighting game offering incase there were very long lines to use up all your change. Fatal Fury introduced other fighting game icons such as Terry Bogard and Geese Howard.

Fatal Fury was released on the Neo Geo console and was ported to different consoles but the Neo Geo original was the version that stood out more. It was a shame that the Neo Geo console didn't get a chance to sell in the European countries cause of how massively expensive the console and the games were at the time.

Fatal Fury is an average ranked fighting game and it's by know means poor. The game takes in the fictional city of South Town which is under control by ruthless crime boss Geese Howard who unleashes out a tournament called The King of Fighters. The first and main issue with the game is that you can only play as three characters which is sure to turn most people off. Terry and his brother Andy Bogard enter the tournament to get their revenge against Geese for the murder of their father Jeff. Alongside them is their friend Joe a fighter from Japan and together they must advance through the tournament and defeat the King of Fighters champion that is Billy Kane.

After you selected your fighter you're given the option to pick from four opponents to start the game off with. You can also get a friend to go cooperative together against the CPU on top of the Versus mode included.

You have three attack buttons which are Punch, Kick and Throw, like most fighting games Fatal Fury has special moves which are executed by inputting button combinations such as a quarter circle forward to perform a fireball but be careful as each of the special attacks take off 25% health. Most of the stages in the game consist of fighting on two fighting planes which you can switch back and forth between the two. It's a neat feature that works well and most fights in the game require you to watch the CPU characters attack pattern and exploit it's weakness. You'll end up relaying on blocking and spamming special moves when the enemy is open which makes the fights lacking in comparison to Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat.

Most of fighters in the game are most forgettable like Richard Mayer and Duck King (Yes that's the name of one of the fighters) but afterwards you'll get up to the harder portions like Raiden requires you think before attacking. Eventually you make your way to Billy Kane and beat him to become the King of Fighters champion.

Afterwards it's time to get revenge against Geese Howard and win the game and let me tell you he's ultra hard cause he can literally throw you down when you try to punch and kick him head on, even if you just jump at him he can grab you and also deal serious damage with his fireballs. If you lose to him you get to see a Continue Screen where your character falls of Geese's apartment to his death which to me it's near Mortal Kombat level. Eventually you'll his pattern and finally defeat him, once you defeat him you drop kick him out of the window he falls to his death your revenge has been served.

Fatal Fury's graphics are decent with the big character sprites, flashy special moves and time of the day changing in between different rounds so when it gets to Round 2 it's sunset and Round 3 when it's nighttime and that's really cool. As for the character animations they are decent for the playable characters but Duck King looks like he's jacking off, Michael Max's victory pose is odd and Raiden's fighting stance makes him he's tap dancing like a goofball. The soundtrack isn't to impressive with the exception of the theme that plays when fighting Geese Howard and the soundeffects are aright.

If you see this in many different compilations like Battle Archives Vol 1 or SNK Arcade classics Vol 1 then I'll say it's aright to play but it's not worth it to download the game on the Wii Virual Console for 900 Wii Points. I'll prise that it's cheaper then buying the actual cartridge of the game for the real Neo Geo platform cause the console and games for it are over £199.99 even in used conditions on Ebay. The game will only last for about 15 minutes but may take awhile when challenging Geese Howard but otherwise you play other better fighting games avaiable. Fatal Fury is overall a tester for SNK to dive in the fighting game business.
The Good Points:
1. Day and Night changes during the fight
2. The Two Plane fighting system works well
3. You can cooperate with a friend against the enemy

The Bad Points:
1. Too Short and there's only 3 Playable characters
Reviewed by: Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)