Fatal Fury: Battle Archives Volume 1 Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Unlocking Yamazaki and the Jin twins

    To unlock Ryuji Yamazaki and the Jin twins do the following (Taken from the manual):

    During the character selection screen, highlight the following characters in the order listed below and press the square button (LK button) once on each character. You will hear a chime each time.

    Terry, Hon Fu, Mai, Geese, Bob, Sokaku Mochizuki, Andy, France, Joe Higashi, Blue Mary.

    When done correctly Ryuji and the Jin twins will apprear on the selection screen.

    Contributed by: 2DGaming 

  2. Expert Mode

    To get the expert mode, press Back, Forward, Back, Forward, then Forward, Back, Forward, Back at the how to play screen.

    Contributed by: bvzxa2 

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