A horror-survival work of art.

User Rating: 9.4 | Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly PS2
This title represents what horror-survival games should be. The unique gameplay, puzzles, and graphics are all woven into a seamless masterpiece of terror. I have never before played a game that was able to be so beautiful and yet so grotesque at the same time. Also, to date no other game has given me so much trouble sleeping.

Crimson Butterfly is a tragic tale of two twins trying to escape a cursed village where daylight never breaks. As they progress through various buildings and secret passages, they encounter many ghosts and documents that attest to the unending nightmare that holds the lost souls of that place in its grip.

The details of the ritual that led to the catastrophe become more clear as you play the game, and this serves to increase the atmosphere of terror exponentially. When you finally figure out what price you must pay to escape, the ending of the game leaves you with a rather bittersweet taste in your mouth. Crimson Butterfly succeeds in being poignant and scary as opposed to just a gross-out fest.

The camera obscura handles well in this game, and there are generous point awards for finding hidden ghosts. Overall the gameplay is quite good despite the cramped spaces in which you usually fight the evil spirits. The sound is also a spectacular display of spooky ambience. How scary is this game one might ask? I am 22, and I considered leaving a night light on for about 2 weeks after I finished the game. Bravo.