Nice!!! Nice wuajajajajajaja xD

User Rating: 10 | Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly Director's Cut XBOX
this game contains soundtracks and characters very horniest, i enjoyment this game, because is Survival Horror and has a very good horror history, i find it very interesting... and the graphics seem fine to me, I think it's the same gameplay of Fatal Frame I and I feel comfortable, nice to see that Fatal Frame II does not change much, clear graphics and a thing or two. I think what the best are the four finals, because you can see as are the sisters Mio and Mayu, The most annoying boss to defeat is Sae because if you touch kills you jeje, besides that me it seems very cruel that after eliminating the Folklorist (in the last mode) have to deal with Sae!!! (which is almost unbeatable, literally). Finally, I think walking there eliminating ghost insane with a Dark Camera is very nice wuajajajajajajaja!!!..... i love the darkness^^