Great game to play by yourself

User Rating: 9 | Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly Director's Cut XBOX
Alright so right off the back I'm gonna say that this game is terrifying, under one condition, you play it ALONE. For whatever reason if you play this game with someone else in the room (even if that person is sleeping) it takes away from the game. It's something about feeling all alone when playing this that makes it so much scarier then it really is. The game is about two sisters, twins actually, that are in the woods. One of the sisters (they're names slip my mind right now) sees a butterfly and starts to chase after it. The sisters continue to chase the butterfly till they stumble upon the forgotten village. I'm not gonna go into it anymore just because I might reveal to much. Now for anyone who has never played a Fatal Frame game or have never heard of it, the only weapon you have in this game is a camera. It captures/releases the souls of ghost haunting the village. The game has plenty of puzzles with cause you to do a lot of running around to find objects but nothing is really ever safe the second time walking around it. The game's story is great and chilling. The replay value is more for people who want to dress up the main characters in...lets just put it this way you can get a maids outfit and even a bikini. The game is still very good but if you don't play it alone you aren't going to be to scared while playing it