Don't play it alone at night. I'm serious!

User Rating: 10 | Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly Director's Cut XBOX
Most horror games have zombies, mutants, and guns. Heck, most main characters are guys or tough women. Not in this game.

The twin girls, Mio and Mayu, must find a way out of the spirit filled lost village, with only an old camera to protect them.

Scared yet? You will be. The atmosphere is perfect, and real thought is evident in the story. Each house evokes a sense of who lived there, and what happened to the occupants.

The ghosts are really well done as well, with their whispers and cries, not to mention how they look, so perfect that you could almost believe they're real.

Combat is a delicate balance of timing and nerves, as you try to get the most damage without being hit, but it never gets frustrating. Most of the battles are actually quite interesting, with a number of unique enemies who all behave differently.

Graphics are actually better than some more recent games, with only the occasional problem visible, and even then you have to be looking for it.

The audio is enough to make you play with the lights on, and your back to the wall. Surround Sound? I hope you have clean shorts.

The Camera Obscura and the Spirit Radio are both based on actual myths/old wives tales, those being that a camera can see/steal your spirit, and that crystals can record the thoughts and emotions of whoever carries them.

With plenty of depth, a well written back story, and some nightmare generating scenes, this is one game that deserves a place on your shelf.