I absolutely love it.

User Rating: 9 | Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly Director's Cut XBOX
I love it when the family is gone to bed and the lights are out and the surround sound is up. I am in the dark halls and settings and the orange light comes on and the heart beat starts up with the controller. Freaky thing about these ghosts is that they crawl out of chests along the floor or out of holes and stuff. Or sometimes you see them in the back ground when your character is running the opposite direction and you know she is in trouble. The story line is neat, the power up to the camera is neat, the environments are scary and you can actually win. I was worried only about a couple of things that worked out great. In my past reviews, I have absolutely ripped games for having to get to save points. Well this game has that but they difference was that they made them to where you could actually survive and not have to repeat the same sequences over and over again to get it right. Second was the extra girl. I was afraid she would get in the way and get you trapped but she just moved out of the way for you. The ending was scary too. Cool story with puzzles. Not just a mindless shooter. Story, Adventure, Problem Solving, Actually Took Thinkin, AND most im portantly Scary. Cool Game Rule