I recommend you don't play this in the dark, it's one of the scariest games i've ever played.

User Rating: 8 | Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly Director's Cut XBOX
If you're looking for a game to give you a scare, Project Zero 2 will do that and add a cherry on the top. When i first got my hands on this and played the first 5 minutes of it, i was already jumping at ghosts that appeared from a wall crying and saying unhearable things.

The story is great, you play as twins, Mayu and Mio who wonder around looking for a place where they used to spend their time as children. They soon find themselves staring at God's village which is a ghost town that disappears on a special event. Anyone who gets lost in the woods near the village, will disappear with it and have to wait till this strange never-ending day is over.

The game is too scary for words, if you find yourself in a quiet place, there's bound to be something waiting for you in the next room, and to be honest, sometimes you dont want to know what. Oh, and when you do bump into a ghost, you dont get a Automatic Machine gun and thousands of grenades... No, you get a flashlight and a camera. However, press B to equip the camera and the closer you take the picture of the ghost, the more damage is done to it. The camera can see things that can't be seen to the naked eye. Although you might be able to see them without the camera, you can only see other things with the camera. So if you dont mind having a camera as your only weapon, this will be fine for you.

Now, the only reason the 'Director's Cut' makes the game that much better, is that you can choose either 'Original Mode' or 'FPS Mode'. On the Original Mode, you are able to see your character in 3rd person, making it easier to see ghost behind you or somewhere around you. In FPS mode, you can only see though Mio's eyes. So be careful incase a ghost sneaks up behind you.

So, Project Zero 2 is such a great and incredibaly scary game, i just recommend that you dont play it in the night, or else you'll wet yourself. :)