this is awesome

User Rating: 9.5 | Fat Princess PS3
if you like action games you should buy this this is not crap this is awesome the gameplay is great and the blood and gore is so awesome if you like things like deathmatch you would love this the point is you have the other castles princess and you feed her cake to get her fat then you get the other princess and have both princess and keep them there then you win but there is also more types of matches like soccer and many more so if you like war games get out of your house drive to a store and pick this game up for 8.99$ or less this is awesome and this has not bad graphics it is also on the psp i play online a lot and it is really fun and there is also story mode and it is really fun but there is only 15 chapters but they are all good but some of them are too hard that is why this got a 9.5 only