This game was so enjoyable! It gives you bloody fun! I only wish that online game play could always connect!

User Rating: 9 | Fat Princess PS3
This game was great! It gives you bloody and goring fun! You will laugh when your enemies warriors die. Fat Princess turned the only capture the flag into capture the princess!!! This game is really enjoyable and you will want to get every trophy and award that you can get. You will also want to become the big chicken and grim reaper in the game. It's so much fun killing every little warrior in sight! The only problem with the game that I had was sometimes when you try to connect online, it would freeze and the game would bring you back to the main menu and it wasn't just my PS3! It doesn't happen a lot, but it has occurred many times. Overall, Fat Princess is a very enjoyable game and I still play it because of all the fun it gives to the player! It gives you some hardcore bloody goodness with some little Animal Crossing style characters! Fat Princess is an awesome game and you will want to play for hours on end!