Fat, bloody, gory, cartoony fun.

User Rating: 8.5 | Fat Princess PS3
A name like "Fat Princess" can turn people off. It looked odd at first, but then it grew on me, and it will too for you.

"Fat Princess" is a fun twist on capture-the-flag set in the middle ages complete with cartoony blood and gore. With an inflatable princess thrown into the mix, you get twice as much fun as you thought you would get. The AI are as stupid as ever - running head first into lava, running right past a dropped princess, and letting you murder them - but where this game really shines is in multiplayer. With voice chat, you can set up great strategies with your allies, group large strike teams, and command an attack group. Even without voice chat, your allies won't be stupid enough to upgrade the most useless class first or run into searing-hot lava. Connectivity issues aside, Fat Princess lives for multiplayer.