Not enough people to play with online is this games only flaw.

User Rating: 8.5 | Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake PSP
I first tried fat princess demo out on the ps3 and when i heard they had brought it out for the psp i was very excited. The game is so cute and the graphics are bright and colourful. The aim of the game is to rescue your princess from the other teams castle, of course this is only one of the games that you can play, there are many different kinds of levels to do but rescuing the princess is the main one. You can change which class you want to be,mage,priest,warrior,ranger,worker,villager etc and all of the classes have their own roles in helping with the rescue of your princess.

Now i much prefer to play this online then offline and this is where this game isnt so good. Most of the time i try to join a game it tells me that there are no games available at this time and then when you do eventually start a game there is only one real person playing. There are just not enough people playing this game online, iv come across the same person several times now thats how little online players there are. Its such a shame because more people online would make this game a perfect 10 from me.

Overall i really love this game and i wish there were more games out there like this, i think it just needs a few problems ironed out and it will be perfect. Hopefully this wont be the last you will see of fat princess!