Fast paced when it wants to be.

User Rating: 10 | Fat Princess PS3
This is one of my favorite games to play when I want to kill an hour or two. This game is not to be played by yourself however. The AI can be very dumb and aggressive. By this I mean that all the AI players go for the meat grinding routes (the places on the map where the big action happens) and that usually makes thing end up as a stalemate. This game really needs to be played online. The game really gets interesting as you have people using real strategy. I recently downloaded the DLC pack Fat Roles and love become a ninja, wait for my power meter to reach its full level, then hop on a catapult and turn invisible in midair, infiltrating their castle without them knowing and stealing their princess. This is a game you should defiantly own and its a perfect downloadable game. I also really enjoy the commentary from the MC. "there in our base, killing our dudes!" just awesome.