Fun with friends and ther classes are pretty fun. Highly addicting and great with a mic.

User Rating: 8.5 | Fat Princess PS3
Fat Princess is a game that is kind of hard to describe what your looking at. I mean it's got little munchkins that have beards and crazy hair, and then you feed this princess cake and she grows huge! Fat Princess has got some good visuals, its very smooth too.

If your one of the gamers that loves games that are really competitive or are great to play with friends, this game is for you. Its got tons of ways to strategise with your friends on how to capture the princess and taking over outposts and stuff like that.

The classes are pretty equal though, you cant have all the classes have the same life: the warrior has the most because he probably has to go into battle, the archer has pretty good life but not as much because he has a long range of attack, the mage is in the middle, the priest doesn't really need too much life because he's mainly there to heal people, and the worker has the lowest because he's not made to fight he's made to work!

Graphics on the game are good, the colors really pop and are vivid. Animation is also really good, everything runs smoothly (not often, but it does lag for a few seconds sometimes). It usually only lags if everyone is in one spot fighting, but even then it doesn't always lag.

Fat Princess has a nice concept, make a capture the flag game where you can make the flag harder or easier (if you stop feading her) to carry. And make the "flag" a princess, throw in some mid evil people like warriors and archers and you got an epic capture the flag battle!

Overall, Fat Princess has good visuals and is a great game with other people, it's still fun on your own, but not as fun with real live thinking and talking people.