A good online experience, but some people may be turn off by a few things.

User Rating: 9 | Fat Princess PS3
When people think of an online multiplayer game, they normally think of a shooter. With so many shooters dominating the multiplayer market, it is hard to imagine that somebody would try something new. Well here comes Fat Princess, a game that combines a hack 'n' slash RPG with a class base multi player system. Is it any good?

Fat Princess is like a deeper version of capture the flag. The game does have other modes, but the one that people are playing is this capture the flag style game. But instead of capturing a flag, you are trying to capture the other team's princess and keep your own safe. This can be a lot of fun and it requires a lot of team work.

Of course the other team is not going to let you just take their princess, so you are going to have to battle them. You start out with a normal character that you create; you can go around and pick up a different hat from a machine. The hats are all different classes and every time you die you have the option to choose a different class. There is a worker( who gathers materials to build things and upgrade things), soldier( who uses melee attacks), an archer( who uses long range attacks), a mage( which can cast a few different types of magic), and a priest( who heals people). All of these classes can be upgraded like when you upgrade the priest, he becomes a dark priest and can take health away from his enemies.

The reason why this game is called Fat Princess is that in order to make it harder for the enemies to take your princess or take back their own, you have to feed the princess cake. Of course the cake makes the princess look like a blimp, which makes her heavier and harder to move around.

One problem I had with Fat Princess is that the games had no time limit. The game ended when one team captured both princesses and as a result, games would last forever. If you have a little time to spare, and you want to get in a quick round of multiplayer, then you may not want to pick Fat Princess to play.

The graphics in Fat Princess are your standard 3-D cartoon graphics, but they fit the game really well. The game looks good for a PSN game.

The sound in Fat Princess sounds kind of strange, but once again, it fits the game really well. The music sounds goofy and the sounds of battle sound good.

If you want something new in a multiplayer game, then you may want to give Fat Princess a try. But if you want a deep online experience, then you may want to pass on this one.