Cake is just as addicting in the game as it is in real life...except we don't get fat so easily!

User Rating: 8 | Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake PSP
When I first got this game I was really excited because I heard that the PS3 version was amazing. I've never played the PS3 game but this one on the PSP is a great edition to your game collection

There are 3 different modes in the game not including online/Local Multi-player; there is story, free-play and gladiate

The story (in-game its called "the legend of the fat princess")
is actually pretty funny with great narratives and story book like intros to the chapter make it worth watching instead of skipping.
In story mode the game takes you through I believe 16 chapters each (except the last chapter) with one battle with various objectives each in various stages. ranging from death-match to stunning a dragon to rescue your princess. The whole plot of the story is basically that your princess and your neighboring kingdoms princess has been cursed by eating this magical cake that makes you super addictive to it. the only way to break the spell is to have a kiss from a prince; and well since both kingdoms need a prince to kiss the princess they go to war with each other to stop the other kingdom from breaking the curse first.

In free-play...well the mode is called "play with yourself" if that doesn't make you laugh then you might be too young to play the game :)

anyways all it is is that you basically choose a map and a game mode and a few rules for the game and go kick the other teams ass. My favorite game mode is snatch'n grab where you must break into your enemy castle steal their princess and bring her back to your dungeon 3 times. there are a variety of ways to break into the castle with different classes to choose from (more detail later), you can go in through the doors using brute force, build a later or trampoline beside the castle wall and climb over, and in some cases build a catapult on your side of the field and launch yourself into the castle.

Then there is gladiate where you pick a fully upgraded class and survive waves of enemies by yourself.

your probably wondering what classes you can pick right? well there is 5 classes

warrior which has a sword and shield, when upgraded he has a halberd

ranger; bow and arrow then shotgun

mage; fire balls then freeze power

priest; heals people then can drain hp to regenerate his health

and finally the worker; an axe then bombs

there are also some extra classes for different game modes

The game is pretty fun and bloody, and even on normal difficulty can be a bit challenging
did I mention you can change how you look in-game?

my only complaints are:
that you can only play as the red team not blue unless online
you can't set the number of lives your team has in death-match (120 lives)
and that the only thing you unlock through playing games are new ways to customize your characters it should have some more then that

overall its a nice game I recommend it for its
bloody and funny gameplay