Fast, exhilirating, and flavored racing

User Rating: 9 | Fast RMX NS
A classic fast racing game, with exhilirating gameplay. Has a different spin on the racing by adding color changes. The goal is basically to match your color with the colors of the boost areas on the track. This allows you to either gain speed if you match the color of the track with the color of your racing machine, or, what seems like static friction builds up between your racing machine and the track. That causes you to deccelerate. This is a big part of the gameplay that adds a nice "flavor" to the game, causing it to be different than other games that you might consider picking up. This game also looks absolutely amazing (1080p TV/720p console screen) with a consistent 60 FPS framerate (in other words, very smooth). Looks amazing both on big screen and console screen. Consistent 60 FPS in TV and portable mode. Also "feels" amazing by using the new HD rumble in the joy-con (or pro controller). Every option of playing the switch works absolutely flawlessly for Fast RMX. Overall, this game feels like a game that could easily be sold for $40 or more if it had the right marketing. Instead, the developer/publisher seems to opt for a $20 price point to attract more attention from switch launch users (seeing as not many people had heard of this game prior to the switch launch). The portability of the switch really helps with the overall experience of this game, as it seems to be best enjoyed on that screen whenever you have time to whip out your system and play a game for about 10 minutes to race a cup. You can have your one switch console, detach the joycons, hand one to a friend, and start playing this wonderful racing game with them! Want to race with a friend a couple times while you wait? Go for it! No extra controllers needed. This game is truly well showcased on the switch. With online (and local) multiplayer included and upcoming new game modes including some sort of time trial and other new features coming in future updates, Fast RMX is a great buy. In fact, I would almost consider Fast RMX a "must buy" for any switch launch user, as it is in top 3 best games currently for switch. At $20, which almost seems to be a discounted price for this much content, you have to pick up Fast RMX. It's a wonderful way to enjoy your new switch console. It brings out all the best of the console and rids of any bad taste of how some other games may not quite play into the point of the switch.