Farscape: The Game Cheats For PC

  1. Farscape Cheat Code

    Enter these codes as name to activate cheats, you will see confirmation message if you typed code correctly. codes are not case sensitive and you need to enter name again to play the game.

    Effect Effect
    dominar Big head mode
    mivonks Extra ammo
    kijrot Extra Health
    schalars Extra money
    sticky Stickmen

    Contributed by: Mehfuz 

  2. Crichton's pk uniform

    Begin a new game and enter the following as your name:

    Effect Effect
    pk Crichton's pk uniform

    Contributed by: cloaked 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by Fry 29K
General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by LordArchon 54K