This game is like living in a sci-fi movie

User Rating: 9 | Farpoint (Aim Controller Bundle) PS4

if you haven't tried a vr headset yet, you should definitely demo one. gameplay videos don't give you any idea of what it's like. the experience is a lot better than i imagined it would be.

to give a balanced review, i'm going to simply write all of my positive and negative thoughts on the game, with a + in front of positive and - in front of negative.

+ this game shows how huge the scale for games can be with a vr headset. things look life-sized, which makes the game very immersive.

- the game took only one day for me to beat, but i spent several hours playing it.

+ there is a co-op mode and pvp mode with new maps and misc. content being added in DLC's. there is also a challenge mode where you try to get a high score in a certain amount of time on several different maps. i also will definitely be replaying the campaign.

- the learning curve is very steep. the fighting start off easy, but it goes from easy to hard with no intermediate in between. overall i would say the difficulty varied a lot over the course of the game, and i only remember a few very hard parts where i died several times repeating the same area.

+ it was very, very challenging at times, but the fun kind of challenge. you just get better at the game to progress.

+ the guns in the game are very different from each other

- i'm used to playing games with a lot of cool items, and this isn't that kind of game. it does give you a good feeling when you find a new weapon to use though.

+ this game is realistic in almost every way, and that adds a lot to the immersion.

- if you only like open-world games, you might not like this game.

+ i didn't even notice that the game has no side-paths until i wrote this review and thought about how it compares to open-world games. there is only one path to follow, but it seems very natural while playing the game, and i never felt like i was being forced down a single path. the path varies a lot between narrow and wide, and it always seems natural somehow.

- the campaign is a lot shorter than i wish it was, but that's not fair to say, because i wish it was endless.

+ the aim controller helps make you feel like you're shooting things.

- sometimes the tracking of the aim controller was off, but i figured out that there are ways to fix that: 1) don't have lights or mirrors the psvr camera's view. the darker the room, the better. 2) set the psvr camera up high enough and angled down enough. google how to do that. 3) charge the controller 4) in the game settings menu you can readjust the tracking.

+ usually the tracking was either good enough, or good.

this game would likely sell a lot more if demos of it with the aim controller were available. it's definitely a lot better than i thought it would be.