If This is the Way Forward, I Want to go Back!

User Rating: 3 | Farpoint PS4

I'm so disappointed by this game. After reading a few reviews which said it was a huge step forward for VR and FPS games, in reality it feels like a late 90's on rails shooter like Time Crisis or House of the Dead, not even a true FPS. It's just so lacklustre compared to even last gen games. There's next to no freedom of exploration and the gun can sometimes be really unreliable to aim. I tried re-positioning myself and the camera multiple times but it didn't improve much. The gun also has a habit of glitching out if you aim too far in any one direction. I'm surprised it got any favourable reviews at all tbh but I guess different strokes for different folks. Just be aware that anyone touting this as revolutionary must not have played many games in the past 20 years.