A great game

User Rating: 8.5 | Far Cry Vengeance WII
I believe that this game has been completely underscored. Many people say that Far Cry: Vengeance has bad graphics, and does not live up to the expectations from the past generations.

Far Cry: Vengeance allows you to go into the view of Jack, a person who has feral powers, or abilities. He can run really fast, has great accuracy, and many more special features. I don't know about you, but this sounds pretty cool.

Then again, there is some bad things about the game Far Cry. This including the multiple glitches such as the game auto-saving as you're falling off a cliff.

The graphics for this game are quite decent according to my standards, and the gameplay is highly addicting and exciting. You can run around multiple levels exploring, or doing your missions.

The levels are long, (when I first played the first level, it took me about an hour) so you'll have hours of fun.

The storyline is okay, being hard to follow with some of the character's accents and there being no subtitles.

Altogether, I would rate this game 8.5